Our Program


Nuture Helplife addresses development goals in the space of community- based rehabilitation, education and care, while offering financial support to young children from primary through to higher education. The program provides support for individuals who come from lower socio- economic backgrounds, including at risk youth populations such as differently-abled groups, children of women suffering from HIV/AIDS, transgender populations, orphans, or young women and children suffering from domestic violence. Helplife aims to grow the program to cover additional rural communities in India. The program has been piloted within communities in western India, in and around Maharashtra state. To date, Nuture Helplife has supported over 100 underprivileged children, with varying degrees of intervention and support.


Care Helplife is a program that has been developed for pregnant women, which supports quality and respectful maternity care. Love, care and compassion before and during the pregnancy form the basis of the Care Helplife program. Helplife promotes awareness around safe motherhood much before women start family planning by identifying a package of interventions that lie outside the current healthcare system that also supports women that are expecting, while ensuring that their pregnancy is a positive experience and free from anxiety or other emotional or societal pressures. Helplife provides all the tools and resources necessary for self-care during pregnancy. The program also offers life coaching to support and prepare adolescent girls for their future personal and marital relationships, through a holistic approach. Over 5,000 pregnant women and adolescent girls have been supported by the Care Helplife program.


Equip Helplife is a program that supports differently-abled girls in their personal and professional development. The program is a comprehensive framework that delivers basic life skills, nutrition, medical care, education, vocational training, and holistic living coaching. The program’s purpose is to integrate differently-abled young women and girls into the mainstream society by empowering them to become professionals and respected members of society. This is achieved by addressing their physical and emotional needs, and through the social rehabilitation of the women who come from impoverished backgrounds who are eager to pursue a professional career and become financially independent. The Equip program was launched in 2006 and supported 50 girls in their pursuit of further education until 2022 in the fields of Arts, Commerce and Sciences at leading institutes in Pune, India.


Sustain Helplife is a community-based empowerment and livelihood program that supports women through microfinancing and stimulus funding. The program provides rural communities with access to livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities related to popular vocations, local commerce and business. The livelihood program follows an innovative business model which supports lifetime income generation for the beneficiaries. To further improve the outcome generated from the program, Helplife is currently developing a cost-effective online platform for the effective monitoring and tracking of the supported communities and the value realised as a result of the interventions. Under this program, 150 differently-abled community members have attained financial independence and are currently living better and healthier lives.

Accountability and transparency are the rules at Helplife.