The Suman Magotra Award for Academic Excellence.

Helplife has instituted The Suman Magotra Award for Academic Excellence since 2014. This is an annual award. The award is a cash prize of Rs. 50,000.00. to be awarded annually.
There are a number of appreciation awards given away to keep motivation up for good work in the area of education, entrepreneurship, and becoming financially independent.

Award Criteria:

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Every year we seek to give one student a fresh start – against all odds. The Suman Magotra Award for Academic Excellence is an All-India award that aims to empower differently abled girls from meagre socioeconomic backgrounds – to serve as a lasting memory of and to celebrate the legacy of a loving mother who passed away on the 17th of October 2013 Its purpose is to supplement the programs pioneered by HELPLIFE; to rehabilitate, educate, and ensconce these deserving individuals in mainstream society. This award serves to break boundaries and expedite learning for those who are willing to be challenged – to strive for excellence against all odds. The successful applicant receives an endowment and has the benefit of learning through a holistic development programme tailored to her career aspirations and physical disability. She is entitled to a scholarship award of Rs 50,000/-, as well.

Ability beyond Disability