Jagran platform created at Helplife is the platform for the alumni of Helplife along with the new beneficiaries that serve number of purposes.

Jagran is a movement at Helplife, that encourages vulnerable communities to interact for various reasons.

The platform is fertile ground for incubating new ideas, that takes them ahead in groups, they support the colleagues who face challenges in their businesses. As during Covid-19, Jagran became the only source of contact during online meetings.

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Platform where all the events and festivals are celebrated. The sharing of important messages and events take place on this platform

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A guest speaker is called every month to deliver a session that is selected by the young people themselves.

The platform is a meeting ground for critical thinking on how to move ahead at Helplife with like-minded people.

The Jagran Parivar is very active on social media on daily exchange of their views and motivational messages for continuing to be positive against all odds.

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