International Disability Day - 3rd December 2023

The Campaign on mainstreaming disability in India started on 2nd of June 2023, with the objective of creating awareness in all states of India where the campaign will be launches in a phased manner.

Overall, the campaign envisions a more inclusive and equitable society in India, where people with disabilities are not only included but also recognized as valuable and productive members of society.

This requires a concerted effort across various sectors and levels of society, from policy implementation to public perception and societal attitudes.

Self-Care for People living with disabilities:

Our research at Helplife shows that the people living with disabilities often neglect themselves because of the environment of fear and sympathy that surrounds them in their homes, workplaces, and communities. Lack of accessibility to health care, in day to day living their physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial needs are not fulfilled. Lack of awareness, misinformation and misconceptions are contributed from cultural taboos where the poverty, lack of education plays a key role in shaping a life of fear and sympathy. Self-Care is the first step towards improving lives of People with disabilities in poverty.

Changing Perceptions about Disabilities:

A nationwide campaign is proposed to mainstream disability in India. This initiative aims to alter public perceptions and attitudes towards people living with disabilities, fostering a more inclusive and understanding society.

Targeting the Most Vulnerable

By focusing on this particularly vulnerable group, the campaign aims to extend its reach to the “last mile” in programming for the poorest of the poor. This approach is intended to address the most acute needs and challenges faced by this demographic segment of our population.

Demonstrating Feasibility and Inspiring Action:

A key message of the campaign is its feasibility—the idea that such inclusive efforts are not just necessary but also achievable. The campaign serves as a call to action, stressing the urgency of this initiative in a country where millions of people with disabilities are not recognized as productive members of society.

Strategic Partnerships and Outreach

The campaign plans to collaborate with other programs and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to ensure widespread dissemination of its message across India. This will be supported by the efforts of volunteers, interns, and donors.

Supporting Policy Implementation and Advocacy:

The campaign also aims to provide momentum for the implementation of existing policies related to people living with disabilities in India. It seeks to create a platform where the voices of those living with disabilities are heard and their rights are advocated for.

DEI and Disability Inclusion:

The campaign underscores the importance of DEI, emphasizing that real development in India cannot be achieved unless the most neglected segment—those living in poverty with disabilities—is included. This aligns with the broader DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) concept, which seeks to ensure equitable treatment and inclusion of all societal segments.

Inclusive Development:

Creating inclusive communities is important for overall development of a nation. India’s development framework, must include the often-neglected segment of the population living in poverty with disabilities at every level of health care and development. Thereby breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty for these communities.