Helplife creates an enabling environment that is stigma-free, for all vulnerable and high-risk groups. Helplife addresses gender as a cross-cutting component of research and programs. We have significant experience in shaping a holistic and well-balanced outlook toward gender, inclusion and sustainable development. Helplife has supported over 10,000 beneficiaries since 1999.

Rights based life course approach for vulnerable communities

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Early Adolescent



Old Age

  •    Systematic efforts to create awareness and reduce stigma and bias in differently-abled and vulnerable communities.
  •    Holistic care and support through higher education, medical care, counseling, vocational training, and recreational activities.
  •    A commitment towards positive sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  •    New interventions and innovations to help accelerate the delivery of care programs and overall development goals.
  •    A focus on community-based rehabilitation and access, ensuring equal opportunities in rural areas for livelihood.
  •    A focus on nutrition (body) and nurturing a positive social outlook (mind), ensuring mindfulness and joyfulness.
  •    Breaking barriers related to human rights and gender in vulnerable communities.